Saint Leo Registration Agreement

Download the Take a step back from meeting your future classmates by joining the Saint Leo mobile app, available for Apple and Android. You will receive an invitation or you will find it yourself at Click here for instructions. If you cannot register, please download the vaccination form and email it to you have any questions, call the health centre at (352) 588-8347. If you have ordered official electronic transcripts, please send them to this email address if you are asked to do so: When you first register on the portal, you will be asked to accept the registration contract. 1. Print and check a recent copy of your program 2 evaluation. Bring a copy of your quadrennial plan 3. Use the course plan to check course availability – Normally, the schedule is provided at least two weeks before registration begins. 4. Write down all the other questions you`d like to discuss during your meeting If you`ve completed the steps above, make an appointment to meet with your successful student coach or assistant. Useful information when planning your schedule: You must be registered within at least 12 hours of credit to be considered a full-time student, but it is recommended that you enroll in at least 15 to 17 hours of credit to graduate within four years. For promotional code, for more information or to request special accommodation, please contact Courtney Wiest at (352) 588-8015 or email

The conclusion of your registration agreement is an important step in continuing your training at Saint Leo University. This agreement draws your attention to the financial requirements for all students. If you do not sign your registration contract, you cannot sign up for classes. If you have any questions before the agreement is reached, please call Student Financial Support free of charge at (800) 240-7658. Saint Leo University requires that all campuses of the first year university, first time at the university (FTIC) students of math and internships in English before receiving your first semester course plan You can register to take exams in person or online. If you have credits from Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge AICE/GCE, please send your transcripts to the Saint Leo University Attorney`s Office to verify that you cannot participate in the grading exams. If you have any questions about the grading exams, please contact or call us (352) 588-8307. Students in the Continuing Education and Student Services Department should contact their university advisor to withdraw from the university. Students who feel that a withdrawal is necessary should apply to their teaching centre for academic withdrawal with a W grade.

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