Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Governance Agreement

OTTAWA, December 5, 2013 /CNW/ – Today, Honorary Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Bernard Valcourt introduced legislation that also passed third reading in the House of Commons. Bill C-16 will implement the first self-management agreement on the Prairies and will now enter the Senate for consideration. Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Once this self-management agreement comes into effect, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation will give more control over decisions regarding its community members. Sioux Valley Dakota Nation will have legislative authority in more than 50 thematic areas, including: “Sioux Valley Dakota Nation welcomes the opportunities that are now possible through our self-management agreement that will be submitted to the Canadian Parliament for adoption,” said Chief Vincent Tacan of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. This historic agreement is very important to the Dakota Valley Sioux Nation and signals to our members the opportunity to participate and enjoy the benefits, plan our own course, enact important laws for the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, and resign for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation to exercise autonomy. We are also looking forward to continuing the positive relationship with the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba. Statement – First anniversary of the elimination of… This self-management agreement will give Sioux Valley Dakota Nation the power to legislate on more than 50 topics. These include governance, economic and social development, education, housing and more. The laws of the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation are harmonized with existing federal and provincial laws and enforced within the Canadian constitutional framework. As soon as this agreement with Sioux Valley Dakota Nation comes into force, the Government of Canada will have concluded 20 comprehensive self-management agreements with 34 Aboriginal communities.

Promoting good governance and strong accountability in First Nation communities can help improve living conditions and promote a climate conducive to investment and economic development. . “It`s wonderful to see Sioux Valley Dakota Nation using new reserve areas to stimulate economic growth in its community. Building a new relationship with First Nations involves working with communities like Demioux Valley to seize economic opportunities. For more information: The media can contact James Fitz-Morris, Director of Communications and Issues Management, Office of the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, 819-997-0002; Media Relations, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, 819-953-1160 SOURCE: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada “The Government of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is pleased to have reached this precedent, which marks a historic milestone in the creation of the first extension of its reserves on the Trans Canada Highway. These countries are dedicated to further economic development that will benefit the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and the Westman Region of Manitoba, and we appreciate the support and good relationships we have built with our regional, provincial and federal governments that make this vision a reality. ISC Key Priority: Economic Prosperity SIOUX VALLEY DAKOTA NATION, MB, September 24, 2018 /CNW/ – The Canadian government is proud to work with its partners to support economic development and growth in First Nation communities. Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Information and Communications “I wish the Valley Dakota Sioux Nation the best of luck in the development of this new country as it pursues growth and development plans that will benefit its community and the local economy.” The First Nation has added 79 hectares of land to its reserve in the rural community of Sifton, Manitoba, about 40 kilometres from the city of Brandon.

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