What Is Bilateral Air Service Agreement

The Office of International Aviation and the U.S. Department of State negotiate bilateral and multilateral air transport agreements with U.S. foreign air partners. Such agreements provide the basis for airlines in the countries concerned to provide international air services to passengers, freight and mail. Through air agreements, the United States is developing a competitive operating environment for U.S. airlines between the U.S. and abroad. For information on certain flight contracts, please contact us. Bilateral air services agreements (“BASAs”) are contracts signed between countries to enable international commercial air services between zones. The BASA promotes the international air link between countries, which provides and enables the transport of passengers, freight, trade and tourism. These agreements provide the framework in which the identified airlines of the two countries fly in the designated ports of the other country. It generally deals with issues relating to traffic rights, the use of intermediate links, the nature of aircraft, safety standards, competition, ownership policy, airline design and control, etc., so that both countries can benefit from the agreement, tariffs and tax issues.

Harold Demuren, former Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, said in a statement to the press, following BASA`s renegotiations between Nigeria and Qatar in 2016, that the agreement reached by the Qatar-designated airline, which had seven frequencies to Nigeria at the time, gave more entry points to the country. , thus exacerbating the problems of national airlines. His argument was that the country did not have a local airline capable of competing with Qatar Airways, which made the agreement unilateral, despite the confidence of Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun, that signing the agreement would result in much more investment and business opportunities between Qatar and Nigeria. Bilateral air services agreements were then extended to multilateral air services agreements. “A multilateral air services agreement is the same as a bilateral air services agreement, the only difference being that it affects more than two states parties” (Wikipedia)4.

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